Washing and Drying

Can I machine-wash my LuRu Home products? Put them in the dryer?

We recommend machine wash cold with dark colors unless your care label states otherwise. You can air-dry, or tumble dry low-heat, and use a warm iron if needed. The cotton is durable, and can withstand the washing beautifully.

Will the indigo dye bleed in the wash?

Indigo is a natural plant dye; there are no chemicals we can add to fully fix the color. Therefore, we wash the fabric thoroughly to prevent bleeding; at home, it’s best to wash with like colors.

Will the indigo bleed into the white areas of the Nankeen fabric when it’s wet?

The whites of the fabric still retain traces of the soybean paste which prevent the indigo from sinking in. Therefore, there’s no need to fear the whites in the Nankeen cottons turning blue. 

Will the indigo transfer onto my white sofa or bedding?

With heavy wear and tear, rubbing and scrubbing, the color will transfer. However, in our experience this doesn’t happen. Should you have any concerns, please get in touch.

Final Thoughts

Any last words of advice?

LuRu Home fabric is not guaranteed against natural wear, fading, finish and dye-lot variations. Any deviations from pattern are natural and reflect the hand-made character of this cloth. Treat your LuRu Home indigo products as you would a pair of jeans; it’s indigo on cotton, just like denim.