LuRu Home Screen Print Yardage at Griswold Textile Print

Screen Print

A quarter of our fabrics are screen printed by hand in Rhode Island, at Griswold Textile Print, a family owned and operated print shop founded in 1937. Griswold is located in a stunning brick mill building built in the late 1800s. The space has been in continuous operation ever since, hosting companies at different ends of the textile industry spectrum.

On the second floor of the mill, a dye master mixes water-based vat dyes by hand and color matches by eye. Vat dyes were developed during the Renaissance, and have remained one of the most durable dye options for centuries.

Next, teams of two hand-screen print panels of fabric up to fifty yards in length atop enormous worktables. In the above photo, you’ll see a few of these tables. The dyes are later set using a steam and heat process which binds the color fully to the fibers.

Stocked Hand Screen Print Grounds:

50% linen, 50% cotton

 Custom grounds and services available, contact us for details.