October 2010

Last year we moved to Shanghai, 
And began to learn Chinese, 
A friend said, "Check out this neat shop," 
We shouted back, "Yes, please!" 

Down a little alleyway 
Our Nankeen fabric sat. 
Inside a musty, tiny store, 
We fell in love, that's that. 

Nankeen fabric is quite old, 
3,000 years or more. 
It's been produced by hand, you see, 
Sits shrouded in folklore. 

An artisan first carves a screen 
And lays it down on cotton. 
He spreads a thick rice soybean paste, 
Then the pattern is stenciled on it. 

It dries ten days in shady breeze 
And then it gets a bath. 
Dipped seven times right in a row 
In seven indigo vats. 

A lengthy scrape, after it's dried 
Removes the crusty paste, 
Revealing crisp white patterns 
Suspended in blue space. 

And lastly, little LuRu Home 
Sews this fabric into wares, 
We send it onward to you all 
With so much love and care.